Bubbie & Kaitlyn Nixon | Barnes at Timber Creek Wedding

From the first time I met Kaitlyn and Bubbie, I knew this couple was different. Different in the best way possible. Besides both of them being completely RIPPED (Kaitlyn is actually a body builder and Bubbie could be if he wanted), both of them had a radiance and a confidence about them that I can’t explain; just being around them made you happy and in awe at the same time. But I get the feeling that I’m not the only one who feels this way– because the amount of love and support at their wedding was overwhelming.

Held at the Barnes at Timber Creek in Winfield, KS, their special day was filled with fresh flowers, beautiful décor and the most lovely people you’ve ever seen. We couldn’t have asked for better clients. By the end, it felt more like we were friends; both Bubbie and Kaitlyn were so welcoming and were more than good to us throughout the entire experience. Thanks for letting us share your special day, Kaitlyn and Bubbie!

Rental items by Ruffles and Rust and Event Elements
Flowers by Magnolia
Make up by Beauty Call
Linens by Elegant Linens
Coordination by Bel Amour Events

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