Senior Emily Rishel!

Last week I had the honor of doing this young lady Emily’s senior pictures. I have known Emily for a couple years now through our church Hope, and she is truly a beautiful girl on the inside and out. Just to name a few things, Emily helps lead middle school girls every week, sings (beautifully) on the worship team, is a “nerd” at heart– as her mother puts it, and is a skilled make-up artist. She plans to first get her Bachelor in Business, then move to L.A. to pursue a career as a special effects make up artist– sounds awesome, right?!

Umm and let’s just touch base on her awesome taste in style. Emily is not afraid to stand out of a crowd. If something has just emerged on the pages of Vogue, Emily will be wearing it. She is what you call a definite trend setter! I love watching what outfits she will wear next on Sunday mornings!

But besides all her talent, good looks and fun hobbies, the best part about this girl is her heart. She is not one to boast; her humility is evident as she gently smiles when you show her a compliment, she is never showing off despite all her talents, and is intent on showing the love of God through whatever she does.

So I hope you enjoy looking at her senior portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them! She is one of those one-in-a-million girls and will someday make one guy very lucky 😉 More pics to come this fall!

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