Cynthia’s Sentiments: First Bridal Expo!

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This past weekend I had the wonderful experience of having a booth for the first time at the Wichita Bridal Expo! I have been to many bridal shows before, helping my mom with her business 2nd 2 None Consignment, so I had a good idea of how it worked going in. But this was the first time it was ALL ME– woop woop!

Set up wasn’t too hard (on my part). Now as for my husband, the wall took days to make– and he was VERY particular about it. I love the way it turned out! He made it come apart in four sections for easier transporting, and it took two of us to put it together. He’s such a trooper. After the wall was set up, I put up a couple furniture pieces, pictures, decor and voila! Done.

The show started Saturday 10 am and was WOW– so busy right from the start. I blinked and it was 11:30, then I blinked and it was 2:30. And Sunday was pretty steady as well. It was SO fun talking to everybody and making friends with the other vendors. I passed out over 250 brochures and made my goal of booking at least one bride at the show- woo hoo! It was really neat to meet so many anxious (and beautiful) brides. It was a pretty crazy week beforehand as I just moved to a new studio Monday (another blog post will come on that later!) but it was all worth it. I am excited to do the expo again next January!

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My sister came and helped Sunday!

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