The New Space! Pictures and the Scoop!

So hopefully you have seen by now that we moved! This was a big exciting change that I had been anticipating for months. I was feeling claustrophobic, my props were overflowing and the store I was in (2nd 2 None) also needed the space. It was a bittersweet goodbye but all for the better.

When searching for a new space, my goal was to find a space in Andover still, something that would be under 1,000 square feet and would be my own. Well, I got all of the above! I wasn’t sure about being in a building with other tenants but I love it! I already knew a friend from church in there, Dianna McCann, I was able to make friends with all the other spaces and everyone looks out for each other, which is comforting.

All my family on both sides moved EVERYTHING over in two hours on Sunday, January 3rd, I signed the lease the next morning, and organized it all that afternoon in two hours. I’m one of those people that is a little OCD, hates messes and can’t sleep if something is unorganized. Plus, I was maybe a little excited 😛 From there, I worked non-stop all week on painting, decorating, ordering prints, mounting the prints, and running all over town buying things here and there that I seemed to forget.

Whew! It was a lot of work. And I also must not forget to give credit to my husband, Brandon. He made several trips to the studio, mounted several things for me AND built me some floating shelves! I think it’s a bit ridiculous that one floating shelf is $30 at Lowes. My hubby did it for free and made two for $15 woop woop!

So all in all, the move was a blessing and I am so happy where I’m at now. Oh and other photographers, I would not suggest doing a move the same week as prepping for your first bridal fair… semi-stressful ha!

(Check captions below for details on where I bought items from!)


Above: desk from Craig’s list and re-done; chair from Hobby Lobby; shelves built by hubby.

Below: newborn accessories station (see featured post on Sixth Bloom for instructions)


Below: clear chairs, kids table and chairs from Hobby Lobby; white table from Gordman’s


Below: Teal wood table from Hobby Lobby


Below: card box from Pier One; words written by Hannah at Freely Scripted Designs!


Below: arrow shelf from Hobby Lobby, moccasins off Ebay

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Below: Antique Radio bought from Ruffles and Rust 


Camera Pillow: gift from my sister-in-law!


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