Tyler & Marie | St. Mary’s Catholic Church Wedding

So Marie and Tyler! Where do I begin? What a fun couple. Marie is one of SIX girls, who were all her bridesmaids, and they were a blast to work. Tyler and the guys were a constant source of laughter as well.

The couple was married at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Newton, KS. Following the ceremony, the bridal party and my mother (my partner) took a party bus to “the Dyke” where Tyler first proposed, and where we were able to get some more pictures of the bridal party. Then lastly, we ended up at Son Wray Ranch for their reception.

The day was filled with joy and love. My favorite part was probably the first dances between Marie and her father, and Tyler and his mother. Tears were shed in both dances, and it was making it hard for me to take pictures! Tyler and Marie were also accompanied by his daughter in their first dance, which was also very sweet.

Here are some favorite images from the day!

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  1. I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed pictures more. I feel like I was there! I’ve known Mark and Janet since before they were parents. So so beautiful and meaningful.

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