Michal Senior 2016 (+ My Most Embarrassing Moment)

I first shot for Sarah and Don Morrow at their WEDDING back in 2012- crazy! Now, they are hosting a foreign exchange student named Michal from Krakow, Poland, who wanted his senior pictures taken here in America before returning home. He has been here for almost one year, attending Southeast High, and will have two more years of school when he gets back.

When it came to deciding the location of the shoot, we were thinking the Great Plains Nature Center, until the day of, when Sarah messaged me that he got permission to fly at Jabarra Airport. I was like what?! Sweet! (I was still okay to fly at 21 weeks) So we were pumped!

We are arrived at Jabarra Airport where we met up with his friend Cameron, who was our pilot for the night. The plane we took was the 182 T skyline turbo. The small plane just fit the four of us– Cameron and Michal in front, and Sarah and I in back. I was able to capture some pictures of Michal in flight, then we landed at the August Airport, where we carried out most of the actual session. The light was beautiful, the night air was perfect and the landscape was serene. Cameron even let Michal sit in the pilot’s seat for some, which Michal was thrilled to do. Everything was going great.

So here’s where it gets to my embarrassing moment (that I really could not just leave out). Once we were done with pictures, we geared up and took off again. We had some time left on the clock (since Michal paid for the plane ride) so Cameron took us over downtown Wichita as we gazed at the gorgeous sunset in awe. A few times I got dizzy but I just closed my eyes and thought I was fine. I knew the pilot told me in the beginning to say anything if I ever felt sick but I didn’t feel like I was sick enough to speak up, and didn’t know what he could do anyway for me. So, I held it together until the very end. And I mean the very end. Cameron announces we are about to land, and right as he starts turning the plane downward, it all come up. At first, I held it in just my mouth, but then I had no choice. All my dinner spilled out on the floor of the plane. I felt horrible. I smelled horrible. And was completely in shock at myself. Never had I thrown up anywhere but a trash can in my whole life.

Everyone was laughing about it in the end, and they were very understanding once I told them I was pregnant. Anyway, the night was not ruined because we still had an amazing time and we got some great shots of Michal that he will surely always remember!

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