Glitter Mini’s!

A couple weeks ago we had our much-anticipated GLITTER mini’s! Now, I expected it to get messy but will say I was surprised just how messy it got and how fast it managed to cover every inch of my studio! Really. You should have seen it. But the whole process was so much fun! I loved getting to see each and every little princess with their white or pink dresses on covered in sparkles.

It kind of reminded me of smash cake sessions– some just wanted to poke it, some wanted nothing to do with it, others wanted to swim in it, and one even tried eating it lol. We were cracking up.

And as usual, I love getting detail shots so I had to capture their little glitter toes as well 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

183A5683 183A5655 183A5619 183A5891 183A5908 183A6315 183A6338 183A6690 183A6701 183A6186 183A6248 183A6083 183A5947 183A6585 183A6596 183A6582 183A6529 183A6459 183A6443 183A5842 183A5793

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