Ian and Mallory | Walter’s Farm Wedding

One month ago, we had the honor of photographing the Keefe’s wedding! Their ceremony and reception took place at Walter’s Farm in Burns, KS. Fresh sunflowers (arranged all by her aunt) along with wood, burlap and lace were everywhere you looked.

It was hot but not too bad in the shade with the breeze. Seeing Ian’s face light up when he saw Malllory for the first time during the ceremony was a special moment. The two of them were seriously so cute. Mallory was just laid back as can be, smiling and laughing throughout the whole day. Photographing them was a blast and I was mildly obsessed with her flower crown.

Here are just a few favorites from their big day! Congratulations Ian and Mallory Keefe!

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Her grandmother’s necklace and earring set

183A0221 183A9939

Handwritten vows– so sweet!

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Take a look at that fist he’s making! He was like YES!

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At the end of the day, we saw two snakes in a tree! It’s okay to add one nature/weird photo, right? Lol



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