Tyler and Tarah Soon to Be Married!

Meet Tyler and Tarah!

This couple was so easy and fun to work with. We did their engagement session at the same location that their wedding will be at– Fulton Valley Farms in Towanda, KS. We had quite a gang with us too! Tyler’s mom, Tarah’s mom and Tarah’s best friend came holding tissues, extra make up and water bottles (even for me)! They were prepared to say the least!

One thing that makes this couple different that I find so cool is their mutual love for musicals. They have one sweet save the date sign (see below). And where did he propose at? In front of Cinderella’s CASTLE at DISNEY WORLD. Tarah was working there as a tour guide and he went to visit her! They plan on having a playbill even as their wedding program. Can’t wait!

Also, I thought it was such a sweet touch that Tarah’s engagement ring is actually her grandmother’s original engagement ring. Everything about this couple was just adorable. Hope you enjoy their laughs and smiles as much as I did!

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Who says the girl can’t hold the guy?? Lol

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