Brandon and Lauren | Home Wedding in Independence, KS

A month ago, we had the pleasure of doing our first semi-destination wedding in Independence, KS for Brandon and Lauren Kelley! The ceremony and reception took place at Lauren’s parent’s property and it was beautiful. Home weddings might be my new favorite venue– not only is it a sentimental location for the couple, but it is a place where literally no other couple will have the same images. And land is always beautiful!

Lauren and Brandon were one of the most stunning couples I’ve ever met. She looked like a model straight out of a magazine! I could have photographed the two of them all day.

The girls started getting ready at the country club across the street, and then proceeded to her parent’s land for the remainder of the day. The ceremony took place on the lawn facing the pond, and the reception was held adjacent under a large tent. They also had a dance floor with lights strung all around for later that night. The whole scene had a romantic ambiance. It was hard to choose favorites but enjoy these teasers of their day!

Florist: Carla Clubine
DJ: Chase Brake
Caterer: Hog Heaven
Cake: Laurel St Bakery
Linens, Tent, Tables, Chairs, and Dance Floor: Weisers Tent Services183A0824 183A0850 183A8942-2 183A8960 183A9005 183A9772 183A0369 183A0398 183A0376183A0410 183A0419 183A0426 183A9871 IMG_7133 183A9809 183A9791183A9800 183A9804 183A0332 183A0334 183A0344 183A0297-2 183A0284183A0308-2183A0274 183A9830183A0268183A9823183A9815 183A9817 183A8864 183A9040-2 183A9069-2 183A9749-2183A9130 183A9138-2 183A9196 183A9548 183A9566 183A9609 183A9661 183A9597-2-2 183A9686 183A9702_1 183A9710 183A9718 183A9698 183A9732 183A9735-2 183A9381 183A9423 183A9438 183A9448 183A9459 183A9484 183A9508 183A9844 183A9997 183A0020 IMG_7358-2183A0033 183A0049-2 183A0055-2 183A0067 183A0073 183A0155-2-2 183A0176 183A0434 183A0478 183A0545 183A0523 183A0656 183A0663 183A0677-2 183A0683

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