Big Change Coming!

I have decided to officially change the business name from Sweetpea Photography to Cynthia Whiteside.


Ever since Mandi Mitchell, a wedding and family photographer in Georgia, urged me months ago to change the business name to my own name, it has been on my mind. I even put out a survey if you remember on Facebook asking about the change. It was a really hard decision. Here are some key points that were given to me by Mandi and other professional photographers.

  1. A photographer owners’ name is the most professional name for the business.
  2. It provides clarity as to the ownership; people will know exactly who they will be working with.
  3. All the big name companies you can think of– Ralph Lauren, Lauren Conrad, Michael Kors, along with  famous photographers, Jasmine Star, Katelyn James, Justin & Mary– all use their names.
  4. There is no other Cynthia Whiteside Photography out there, so mix ups will not be a possibility. (Once a woman drove an hour in another state for her session with us because there are a couple Sweetpea Photography’s in the country!)
  5. There will be no misconception of our emphasis. (People have assumed we specialize in babies)
  6. The website will be easy to find with simply my name as the domain. 

Questions you might have:

  1. Will Rebecca continue as your second shooter for weddings? Yes. My mother will still remain my second shooter for weddings. She supports this decision and agrees that this is the best step going forward with doing weddings full-time.
  2. Will you get a new Facebook page? Good question. Facebook makes it a little more difficult than you’d think. I know you can request a name change to Facebook but they have been known to decline requests for some reason. So if that happens, we will have to make a new Facebook page and HOPE that all of you can help us build that up!
  3. Will this affect any contracts? NO. All contracts will still be active and we will contact all brides letting them know.
  4. Will you still honor Sweetpea Photography Gift Certificates already purchased? Of course.
  5. What if people still refer to you as Sweetpea and go to your current website? Everything will be guided over, so you should be able to find me even if you still type in Sweetpea.
  6. When will the change officially take place? We will officially be switching over as of September 25, 2016.

I hope that answered all your questions! YES it will be hard and YES it will be a lot of work! I know change can be hard but I want to say THANK YOU in advance for all your support. and for going on this ride with me! I am working with local graphic designer, Shea Del Sarto on the new logo and I am excited with what she has come up with so far! I’ll put it up once it’s complete!


Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans. Proverbs 16:3

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