Lyla Grace | The Nursery!

I have waited for this for a long time. Waited to get pregnant for a year, waited to have a little girl and waited to DECORATE THE NURSERY!

Having a girl, I was given free reign on this part! I started buying things for her room the day after I found out I was pregnant. But I had to wait a while to do anything because her nursery was formerly my husband Brandon’s decked out Star Wars office/dungeon with green walls and a ceiling fan that looked like it was from outer space. It took a while for him to part with his office but eventually we set a day to do it, and then I was off.

Looking around, pretty much everything in her room was either bought on a budget or hand made. At first I was really set on matching woods. However, eventually I decided that was too stressful and overrated. The very first big item that we had was the oak crib. It was made by my husband Brandon’s dad and Brandon’s grandpa Harvey. Brandon was a baby in it, Matthew was a baby in it and now Lyla will be. Next, we found the changing table off craigslist; the dresser off craigslist, which Brandon stripped and I flipped; a Mamaroo rocker off a Facebook swap site; a new ceiling fan from Lowes (really, the only thing that Brandon wanted say in– or else I would have gotten a chandelier!); and the glider from Rhea Lana’s consignment sale that I got to shop early at because I was a Mom-to-be, yay!

As far as decorations, I made her floral mobile and L; Brandon and I made the teepee; my mom hand painted the three canvases above her bed (and is still working on the bedding); my sister painted the octopus canvas that serves as the guest book from my baby shower; my grandma Whitely made the quilt in her crib; the pom poms and banner were from the baby shower; and the rest of the decorations and wall decor I bought from Hobby Lobby and Ross- two of my favorite stores! I forgot to take a picture of her closet but you can just imagine that part 😛

We are only four weeks away from meeting this little angel and I am SO excited! Questions that I have been asked a lot– Is Matthew excited: most days yes; Is Brandon excited: yes and scared! And What will you do if it’s a boy: a lot of refunds! I am praying to God that doesn’t happen though (!!!)

Enjoy the pictures!

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