Samantha and Brett | Home Wedding in Hillsboro

Oh I loved everything about this intimate wedding. First off, I am very grateful to Nick and Melissa Mueller, our good friends, who recommended us to Brett (his brother) for their wedding. It was an honor!

Literally everything about this wedding was near perfection. I loved the location, which was held at Samantha’s home in Hillsboro (that her parents have lived at since the 1980’s. Everyone was incredibly hospitable, there were no disasters and we even somewhat stayed on time! Brett and Samantha were wonderful to work with, and I was beyond grateful that they allowed us almost a HALF HOUR just for couple portraits!!! That is like a dream. Plus I could not have asked for better light that night.

I also have to give a shout out to the DJ with Complete Sound, only because he really impressed me. I cannot stress how much having a good DJ is crucial to the outcome of the reception. This DJ was lively- dancing with the crowd, organized, in tune with the crowd and never missed a beat- literally. And personally, a big plus in my book was that he wasn’t cocky! Sigh.

Also, plus for me– I was asked if I was 5 months pregnant and I was actually 7 1/2! Woo hoo! Enjoy the teasers!

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