Cody and Hannah | Fulton Valley Farm Wedding

Meet Hannah and Cody Whitehair! If you recognize Cody or his name it is because he is a NFL lineman for the Chicago BearsThe day of the wedding was the first time we had met Cody or Hannah, as they were both out of state at the time of our consultation. Hannah actually traveled for the past year as a flight attendant while Cody was doing his thing- how neat is that!

The couple was originally from Kansas, as Hannah is a KU alumni, and Cody is a K-State alumni. They even had separate KU and K-State cakes at the wedding- so cute! The ceremony and reception took place at Fulton Valley Farms in Augusta, KS.

The toasts were probably my favorite part of the evening. After the best man and maid of honor gave their speeches, Hannah’s dad got up there and cracked us up with his detailed stories about both Hannah and Cody. Hannah was always their stubborn one, her dad said. To give you an example, in Kindergarten, he and his wife were told that Hannah was having issues bonding with the other children. They asked why and the teacher said, “Well, she moved her desk up by me and called everyone else babies.” Her dad also told us that it took a while for her and Cody to finally date, but when he asked her out, she told him before they went anywhere, he had to meet her parents first. He was so scared. They weren’t sure about this big football player from their biggest rival school but later realized Cody was all under the surface. Then when it came time to actually propose, Hannah’s dad said it took Cody three hours to build up the nerve to mutter the words, “So I’m thinking about marrying Hannah.” Hannah’s dad said that Cody is patient, kind and loving, and just the man they hoped Hannah would marry someday.

I have to agree with her dad. Cody and Hannah were one of the sweetest, most down to earth couples I have ever met. And so in love. I loved watching them interact together. It was true– Cody was just a big tough looking softie that loves Hannah and would do anything for her. I couldn’t help but cry during their first dance because of the surprise audio of Hannah and Cody talking about each other during the song off and on. It was so sweet!

Now married, the couple resides in Chicago together, where Cody will be a starting player this coming season.

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Loved her Kate Spade necklace and earring set!

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He almost made me cry!

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The pastor said Cody’s ring was the biggest he’d ever seen- he was right!

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