Alex and Anna Milby | Wedding at University of Congregation

Meet the super sweet Alex and Anna! I loved getting to know this genuine Christian couple. They were truly head over heels for each other and I don’t think I ever heard them say a negative word once.

This couple’s traditional ceremony was held at the University of Congregation Church- with a beautiful well lit sanctuary, and the reception held at the modern venue Abode in Wichita, KS. I was just in love with the moments were able to capture with all the natural light that day!

I thought my favorite moment from the day was their first look (Alex was so emotional!) until it was time for the first dances at the reception. Anna’s father passed away when she was younger, and ever since, her uncle has been a major part of her life. Her uncle was the one to walk her down the isle and he was the one who danced with her when it came time for the father-daughter and mother-son dance (which they did simultaneously). Well, after a few minutes of dancing with her uncle, another man stepped in to dance. And after a couple minutes, another. And another, and another. I counted six men total that took part in that father-daughter dance. I was wiping away the tears as fast as they came so I could concentrate. I was overwhelmed with emotion!

The entire day was a sweet, beautiful experience and my mom and I were very thankful to be a part of it. Congrats again to the newly wed couple!

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It was all fun and games in the basement with the guys!

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The first look!

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