Elyse and Drake | Derby Round Barn Wedding

Elyse and Drake. What a fun couple! This country wedding took place at the Round Barn in Derby, KS. The ceremony took place behind the barn, with hail bails lined up for seats and a lovely little house set up as the center backdrop. And the reception took place first in the banquet hall, where toasts and cake commenced, and then the dancing in the barn!

The couple also had a SWEET little boy who was one of the most well behaved little guy’s I’ve ever seen at a wedding. He was also the ring bearer. So cute! I have to say, from what I observed that day, Elyse and Drake both make wonderful parents and partners in life. From the sweet toasts given, I think everyone else could agree. The three of them fit together like a perfect little puzzle.

We had a blast capturing this wedding, and hope you all enjoy their teasers as much as I did!

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These sweet scrabble blocks were part of their custom “guest book” that was a glass case filled with signed hearts!

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The custom guest book!

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