Gina and Adan | Wedding at the Wichita Boathouse

I was lucky enough to capture the celebration of Gina and Adan Rand a couple weeks ago! Gina is originally from Wichita while Adan is from Australia! She was travelling internationally for her job and once they met, she decided to quit her job that she loved to stay with Adan, in a city we were told that she wasn’t too fond of. They later had their baby boy and now reside in Australia.

The ceremony took place at Blessed Sacramount Church in Wichita, and the reception followed at the Wichita Boathouse, which was a beautiful and perfect place for this party to commence. Adan was definitely a leader. I loved how during their grand entrance song, he made one loud clap and everyone else followed in; it was classic. And Gina was just stunning, smiling everywhere she went.

The couple was so smitten with each other, it wasn’t even funny. I barely had to pose them; they were always naturally doing all the cute things you hope they’ll do! It was like working with a couple out of a magazine all day long. The entire day was a blast. It was fun to hear the Australian accents and see them even rock out to the Land Down Under song! Also, I have to say thank you to Kim Vannurden, who stepped in as my second shooter for the day. Enjoy the teasers!

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