Senior Tia | Wichita Senior Photographer

Meet Tia Kohl, class of 2017 at Maize South High! Tia and her mother were a JOY to work with! I was told beforehand that Tia would rather be in shorts and tennis shoes than a dress, but you would have never known that after seeing her stylish wardrobe choices!

I love it that I get to work with such down to earth clients. Tia kept laughing and after I while I caught on that her mother, Cindy, was doing poses behind me to get her going! I have no idea how long she had been doing that lol. They were both very sweet and nice to work with.

After graduating, Tia plans to go to Lincoln University in Missouri on a softball scholarship, and will there study Criminal Justice (how cool is that?!) Enjoy the teasers!

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