My Grandpa’s Wedding at the Kingman Court House!

I’m so excited to be doing this post! My grandpa Frank, of 86 years, and his girlfriend Sue decided to tie the knot after 14 YEARS of dating! They were married at the Kingman Court House last week. It was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever seen!

I learned that they were originally set up by my grandpa’s two cousins. His cousins knew Sue from their church, and after Sue’s husband passed, they thought of setting them up together. They planned a dinner date, and my grandpa and Sue hit it off!

Sue told me that in their 14 years together, they have never had one fight or said a swear word at each other. Not many couples can tell you that.

For their own reasons, my grandpa and Sue never got married, but after a health incident, they decided it was time. Sue told me that my grandpa just came up to her and asked her one day and she said, “Why not? Let’s do it.”

I can honestly say I have never seen my grandpa and Sue so happy as I did that day. They were both so giddy! And the court house was beautiful!

One of my favorite moments was the cake cutting. Oh, the cake cutting. They had a small reception at a local pizza bar, where there was a cake and some gifts. They planned on cutting the cake normally but we insisted they do the traditional “cake cutting.” Well my grandpa clearly had no idea what was going on lol. When Sue held out the knife to my grandpa, he backed away and yelped! He said he thought she was after him! Then they kept handing it back and forth to each other lol we were saying “No, grandpa, you’re supposed to cut it together!” We got a good laugh from it.

The evening was very special and I am so happy for my grandpa and new grandma. They are perfect together and I’m so glad I could attend and capture these sweet moments. Congratulations to the cutest newly wed couple, Frank and Sue Inscho! Woo hoo!!!

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This was after he said he thought she was “after him” with the knife LOL


See the confusion on his face lol

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So much for forks!

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