Jessica and Austin | Cardinal Creek Farm Wedding

Almost a month ago, the beautiful Jessica and Austin were married at the newly built Cardinal Creek Farm in Leon, KS. I first got to get to know Jessica and Austin at their engagement session. A sweet couple that liked fishing was what stuck out to me then, but at their wedding, what stood out was their undeniable love for each other, and the kindness they both displayed to everyone around them.

Jessica was as far from a bridezilla as you can imagine. She was always concerned with others, was the sweetest thing, and never once broke composure when little hiccups here or there occurred. My mother and I were both very impressed.

The venue, newly built within the past year, was a dream. The owners were more than gracious and involved in making the whole night go as smoothly as possible. The bridal party, the family, the food, events– everything went perfectly, and the night was a blast. Also, I have to give a special shout out to Dee Batta with Rockin D, who was SO awesome at her job. She was professional, prepared, different, and just FUN. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an upbeat, high energy DJ.

There were many more pictures I could have shared, but enjoy these favorites from the Rutz’s day!

Vendors involved included:

Flowers: Flower factory
Catering: Blue moon
Cake: Artistic cake
Wedding dress/suits: Dress Gallery
Alterations: quick stitch
Bridesmaid dresses: Abilene bridal and tux
Hair: Melia Bane and Shea
Makeup: Becky Lut
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First look!
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Love this!
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It was hard to hold back tears watching her dad’s reaction when the Beauty of the Beast song “Tale as Old as Time” came on
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  1. Wonderful Pictures! Thanks Cynthia for all your hard work. Of course, you had amazing people to photograph! Love, Love, Love every single picture!

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