Tayler & Tyler Lankford | St. Elizabeth Wedding

THIS COUPLE. They were so cute. Looking through their pictures, I think I just saw at least 30 photos of Tayler laughing! I love it!

Tayler and Tyler were married in November at the St. Elizabeth and held their reception at Venue 3130 in Wichita, KS. Following the ceremony, I followed them over to the Keeper of the Plains where I was SO grateful for the 30 minutes we got for pictures! I also hopped on the party bus for about 10 minutes just to get a glimpse into that little party!

They definitely knew how to take a special day and enjoy it! Everyone was amazing to work with, from the bridal party to family to the vendors. My favorite moment was probably when we traveled to Keeper of the Plains, and I got to see the bridal party and couple let loose a little, and Tayler and Tyler gave me abundant emotion to be able to capture! These below are only a portion of the fun and laughter from their big day. Hope you all enjoy!

To also see their engagement session at the baseball field, click here!

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