Top 10 Moments From 2016!

I hadn’t thought about it until the New Year passed, but realized 2016 was quite a year!  A lot goes on behind the scenes that you might not know about. We had some challenges, new beginnings, and exciting milestones! Here is a list of what I would consider my top 10 moments from the past year.

1. I re-branded… twice lol. First changing my logo and style, then changing the name!


2. I had my first booth at the Bridal Expo last January (and I’ll be there again this weekend!)

2016-01-09 10.22.16

3. I got a new studio space


4. We were published in an online bridal magazine for the first time (thank you Modern Weddings and the Wedding Wire!!)


5. I aimed to book and stay at about 15 weddings and we did


6. I worked a handful of weddings while pregnant (6 months pregnant below ha!)


7. We were named one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Wichita, woo hoo!


8. We were awarded the Couples Choice Award on Wedding Wire


9. I started outsourcing editing to allow more time with my family (really the end goal of it all!)


10. And of course we had our sweet baby GIRL Lyla Grace who stole our hearts on 9-9-16! 



Thanks again for making a lot of these events this past year possible! Here’s to another great year of growing and learning with you all!!


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