Bridal Expo: Some Embarrassing Moments!


Well that was interesting! I love Expo’s. But I am gonna be honest and say a few things could have gone a LOT better! This post should make you smile. But for me, at the time, there were no smiles!

Let’s back up. So this was my thought process last year: “Hey that was awesome, my husband built a really cool wall… yeah it was a huge pain but I plan on doing it again next year!” Then this was me the day before set up: “You threw away the legs to the wall?! You THREW them away?!?” Oh yeah. You can imagine.

So we made a plan B. We decided the legs and whole wall would be too much work to make in one day, so Brandon made an easy five minute PVC pipe frame for me instead. I was supposed to find the curtains to use beforehand and got the wrong size. So he made it and then we decided to fit material to it. Hmmm he was right and we should have done it the other way around.

After we finally figured the wall and got the fabric at 7 pm, we went and set everything up at the fair. The fabric was wrinkly so I had to take it home to steam it. I also had to figure out how to hang the pictures. I used clear string. And ran out. Then used wire. Went to bed at 1 am.

The next morning, I got to the expo 45 minutes early and after pinning the fabric all around the frame (8 X 7.5 ‘) I was still messing with the stupid pictures at 10:10 am! I was so stressed out, I was literally shaking. Thankfully, I got everything fixed up before one bride even came by. Although that did not take away my uneasiness the whole time about the pictures as I could see them slipping every so often, ugh. (Don’t hang pictures with only clear string and packing tape!!!)

So things were going okay, for about half an hour. Then I waved my arm and broke a vase. That’s always nice when you make a crash and everyone looks your way, grr! The nice ladies next to me at the Sedgwick County Zoo as well as the lady in the booth across came over and helped me, which was sweet.

So time goes on. I think I’ve recuperated– again. Then my family gets there around noon to say hi and my sister-in-law tells me I have a RIP in the back of my jacket! I’m like what……. I took it off and she was being nice. There were two. Ugh! I’m like when did this happen and how many people noticed this?! The ladies beside me said they never saw it… mmm hmmm. That was thankfully the last traumatic event. My mom arrived shortly after– of course I spilled everything to her, we laughed, and then the rest of the weekend went just fine!

Overall, it was a great show! I met tons of beautiful brides, made friends with some vendors, ate lots of good food, and had the best spot! Located in between two places giving away food, my booth sat in the middle of the event and in sight of the fashion stage- woo hoo! It was not a boring weekend in the slightest. I’m excited to meet with some brides this week for consults!

img_8921 img_8924 img_8950 img_8953

So hopefully things will go better on the technical side next January! Signing off for now.

–The Humble Photographer



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