Wichita Bridal Expo 2017

I love Expo’s. Overall, it was a great show! I met tons of beautiful brides, made friends with some vendors, ate lots of good food, and had the best spot! Located in between two places giving away food, my booth sat in the middle of the event and in sight of the fashion stage- woo hoo! It was not a boring weekend in the slightest.

Okay now do you want the inside scoop of the expo process? I am one of those people that just has to share the funnies. Because it’s called real life!

Imagine you had a great plan, you weren’t stressed and everything about that plan was wrecked the night before a huge event. Let’s back up. My husband built an awesome wall for me last year (see here) and although it was a pain/heavy to set up I planned on using it again this year. Only hiccup: I found out the day before set up that he threw away the legs to the wall last year, thus making the entire wall useless. Why he threw away the legs? You can ask him lol. But you can imagine my stress level.

Okay so we had to make a plan B and fast. I was told it would take too long to make new legs. So my husband came up with the idea to make an easy five-minute (8′ X 7.5 ‘) PVC pipe frame for me instead. I planned on using curtains but wound up getting a King Size bed sheet that worked.

Just note, when you get a bed sheet to be a backdrop, you are going to have to do some major steaming. After I got it steamed and figured out how to safety pin the sheet around the frame to itself, I had to figure out how to hang the pictures. I used clear string and packing tape… haha yeah. The whole wall sufficed but… let’s just say I missed my professional looking wall [sad face].

After the set-up hiccups, the show really went great. I met some awesome people and super sweet bride to be’s. I only broke a vase once. Totally normal. Oh and did I mention I found a rip in my suit jacket halfway through? Super duper!

You just have to laugh at these moments and keep on going. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… such a great movie line. But really, just keep swimming. I was very grateful for my husband’s help, and for my sister and mother coming to help during the event as well.

I am excited to do another show next year and maybe double check that all walls/legs/etc. are still in tact!

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