Fresh 48 Session | Welcome Odin!

If you read my post yesterday, you know that I was able to photograph my first Fresh 48 session last Thursday. Well, I was able to shoot my second Fresh 48 session just one hour later that same day! Meet Odin Porter Shaffer, born Feb 1st, 2017 at 6:45 pm, weighing in at a whole 9 pounds!

When I first came in the room, Emily was doing skin to skin with baby, and I could immediately tell they were completely in love. Literally the words that kept going through my head the entire time was, “They are in heaven.”

Emily admit to me that the delivery was rough. After pushing for three hours they decided to move to C section. It wasn’t quite what they expected to say the least. But that never stopped the couple from smiling. They both kept repeating how perfect he was.

After finishing both Fresh 48 sessions at Wesley, I realized how different they both actually were. Maeve (the first session) had her 4th child, 4th C section and was moving swiftly through the actions like a pro. Whereas, Emily gave birth to their first, and everything was completely new. It was really neat to be able to step into completely different worlds just hours apart.

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