Kendra and Kevin Engaged!

Kevin told all of Kendra’s friends and family the proposal plan six weeks before it. Kendra had mentioned to him that her favorite place in the world was her grandparents land. On the day of the proposal, Kendra was sent with a map to stations all over her grandparents land, where she met her friends and family with gifts and memories from her and Kevin’s past. The last station was of course Kevin. He said she was running the whole time, and was so excited she actually ran right past him!

Their engagement session was almost as cute as their story. They both could not stop laughing no matter what I told them to do! Guys don’t always necessarily jump for joy on photo shoots, but Kevin was full of ideas and energy. They even had a secret handshake they showed me! Now how cute is that.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding this July!


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