Wichita Engagement: Carolyn + Chris

They were friends forever. To the point where asking her if it could go any deeper was like taking a leap off a giant cliff hoping to be caught. And he was. Chris asked Carolyn if she had ever thought to be anything more than friends right there on the sidewalk trails of Keeper of the Plains. She said yes, and they then proceeded to sit and talk for hours about how it would work out. They talked for so long, they wound up laying on their stomachs facing each other because they grew tired.

Now they are getting ready to be married at the United Methodist Church in Wichita, and he will continue to be a mechanic in Andover, and she a music teacher. Chris loves to make Carolyn laugh. And boy does she love him. It was like watching two little kids chase after each other on the playground- teasing, poking, flirting. It was pretty darn adorbs!

Thanks for letting me laugh with you guys, Carolyn and Chris! I look forward to seeing you again this October!



2 thoughts on “Wichita Engagement: Carolyn + Chris

  1. I’ve known Carolyn since she was little. It is so wonderful to see her so happy! Chris is a great guy who will treasure her for a lifetime. Congratulations to both of you!

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