Carnival Themed Shoot | Trevor is One!

Popcorn, tickets, a carousel. Sound familiar? Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Trevor’s one year session with the cutest theme ever: carnival!

The session took place at their home, where she had two different set ups, one in the basement and one upstairs. She had a little cupcake stand, cupcakes made with animal toothpicks, a handmade banner, crates that her husband made, popcorn, blue tickets, suckers with a T on them, and even a big clown bow! I was astounded! Amy and her husband really outdid themselves.

Trevor’s two older sisters were quite helpful during the session and cracked me up with their endless energy! We gave them a little playtime in the bouncy house as well. My favorite parts about these kinds of session is capturing the raw emotion and excitement! Trevor of course barely knew what was going on, aside from getting to eat cake. But boy he will have some pretty darn cute pictures to look back on!

Can’t wait to come to their gorgeous home again tomorrow to shoot his actual Carnival themed birthday party!


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