Mommy and Me | A Beautiful Floral Mini Session

I cannot tell you how excited I have been to edit these! We had three different days of these so I waited until all were done to post my favorites! This year we held our Mommy and Me mini’s at Eastborough Park in Wichita.

I saw a giant floral wreath a couple months back that was used for a wedding and I knew right then I wanted one. Micheals was where I found the materials for the wreath and matching headbands, and they only took me a few hours to complete as I watched some Netflix in the living room! I at first envisioned the girls behind the wreath but once we were there, I found that the wreath also provided a wonderful blurry foreground that brought a lot of depth to the photos!

The mommy’s and daughters were so fun to work with! Quite a few came with matching outfits, which were adorable! I always love seeing children interact with their parents; the candids are my favorite.

Enjoy the previews! (If you missed these, I am keeping the large wreath in my studio for anyone who wants to use it later on.)

Love this!

Had to capture a few of miss Isabel when she wandered off on her own

Few details of the props

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