Senior Graham of Andover Central High | Wichita KS

Isn’t this a good looking kid? Meet one of my brother-in-law’s, Graham Whiteside, senior at Andover Central High!

Even if he wasn’t my brother, I would tell you that Graham is one of the best drummers I know. Self taught, he has been playing for 13 years total. He was the 2nd freshman in school history to be a snare player, has done the drum line at Andover Central all four years, was drum captain this year, and also did jazz band for two and a half years. Can you say wow! His plans after graduating are to attend Butler his first two years and hopefully play for the Butler Headliners, and then finish at WSU majoring in high school physical education with a minor in health.

And now that we’ve talked about his talent, I have to tell you about his heart. Graham is one of the most passionate, kind-hearted and compassionate people I know. Anyone who knows him can attest that he is a fierce follower of God. There is no question about it. He recently got back from a trip to Israel, where he traveled to with his youth group at his home church, Hope, and is actively involved in all the youth group activities. I know that whatever Graham does with his life, he will put his whole heart into. And whomever he decides to spend his life with, I can just say now, will be one lucky girl.



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