Sarah and Dillon | A Love Story From Home

When it rains, sometimes you gotta come up with a back up plan! In this case, Sarah White came up with the idea to do their engagement session in their first home. It was beautiful! I had never done an engagement or couple session at a home before, and LOVED the outcome!

This adorable couple loved to laugh, were super welcoming, and were very relaxed. It didn’t really feel like I was working; it felt like we were just friends chatting and snapping pictures along the way. We realized how easy a session is up at your home– if you need a different pair of shoes or a sweater, you are in reach of everything! Besides the couple, you will note three other things in this session. Their recently-flipped home, their great taste in decor and THEIR CATS.

The home itself has only been occupied by one other person: a man who lived there for twenty years. After he moved out, a company came in and flipped the 20-year-old home into an adorable modern space. Sarah and Dillon then had the perfect taste in decorating with their simple and rustic pieces. Now it’s just the five of them living there together. Yes five. Sarah, Dillon and their THREE cats!

These cats. They were fluffy, sweet, sassy, full of energy and were a little vain as they kept creeping into our photos! It gave us good cause to laugh constantly and the cats definitely added that special touch to the photos. You will clearly see what I mean. I cannot wait to work with this amazing couple this October.

Thanks for letting me come hang out and laugh with you guys for a while, Sarah and Dillon! That was one of my favorite engagement sessions ever!

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