A Whimsical Ride | Wichita Carousel Mini’s

Wow. This might have been my favorite mini session yet. I was at my grandma’s house at Thanksgiving and spotted a mini Carousel horse in her basement. I told her if she ever got rid of it, I would gladly take it. Low and behold she told me I could have it that same day! That is where it all started.

At first, I decided to just give the horse a little brighter make over. I stripped some dated flowers that were on it, it took about two hours to paint, and I added some ribbons. Then I held a practice session with my own kids and realized it was a pretty small horse! So, I searched on Craigslist for a Carousel. I found the perfect one that same day and was so excited! It needed a LOT of work. But five hours later painting and some help from my mom’s boyfriend making a new base, we came out with a beautiful whimsical Carousel! (See before and after pictures at the bottom of this post)

It made it all worth it when the kids loved it! Sometimes when kids come do photos, they can be nervous and not too thrilled about it. But when we have themes like this, it makes it actually FUN, and they enjoy themselves!

I was glad in the end I had two Carousels. It not only provided kids with their appropriate size horse, but gave us two different settings for pictures. And I loved seeing all the outfits that came through! They were just adorable.

There are quite a few of my favorites here since we had THREE days of sessions! Enjoy!


The before and after of the original large horse!

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