Chasity and Jabril Solomon | Fulton Valley Farms Wichita Wedding

Say hello to this gorgeous fun couple, Chasity and Jabril Solomon!

Chasity and Jabril met at Hutchinson Community College. Jabril was a football player and Chasity was on the dance team that year. After seeing each other around, one day Chasity just walked right up to Jabril and told him to put his number in her phone. From there they became friends and eventually started dating! Chasity says that Jabril likes to pick on her a lot but she doesn’t mind.

“Jabril is the man my father prayed one day I would find, from his kindness, courage and faithfulness to his joking, crazy, funny side, he is the best man I could’ve ever dreamed of.” — Chasity

I loved watching the way Chasity and Jabril interacted. I definitely say just what she described– Jabril was crazy, funny but also so sweet to Chasity. You could tell they really loved each other. One thing we always notice is family members of the bride and groom, and it was VERY evident they were loved and supported. Also I was amazed at how many siblings Jabril had; all of his groomsmen were his brothers!

The wedding was filled with pinks and golds, with beautiful calligraphy and handmade decor including the “SOLOMON” sign on the head table. Loved it! All in all, it was a wonderful wedding, and we had a blast! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Solomon!

“Jabril has shown me what a true man is,” Chasity said. “I couldn’t be happier to call him my husband!”

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