Lyla is One! | A Quick Reflection

I know that this is cliche, but I CAN’T BELIEVE MY DAUGHTER IS ONE! It flew by. Just flew. This little girl that I thought surely would be a boy changed our whole world.

I remember Brandon and I saying to each other we weren’t sure how we could love anything as much as we loved Matthew. But it happened. We have the two best kids in the world (yeah I know you say that too).

Every day I still can’t believe we actually got a girl. She really has been the easiest baby. She has always been happy, hasn’t ever really been sick, started sleeping through the night at about three weeks, goes to just about anybody, and is just the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen. We are really blessed. People constantly say how she looks just like Matthew as a baby and it’s true. She is a little carbon copy of him. Even their personalities are similar, in that they are stubborn, sassy and SMART.

I always say I love them as babies and don’t want them to grow up, but then I’m surprised that as they grow, each stage is my new favorite. Her little personality is starting to peak through and I continually fall in love with her over and over again. I love how her chubby face frown can flip to a smile in a matter of seconds, how she slams her head into her brother in some sort of violent hug, how she growls as she cruises around, and how she belly laughs as we all wrestle on the couch and play chase. What a joy it is to be able to witness a little human grow!

Now when it came to eventually planning the party, well that’s another story entirely. I love planning and organizing, but I tend to stress myself out with these things. I spent hours making things, paid way too much for some cookies that were not what I wanted, and may have freaked out on my family at one point. But then had a heart to heart with my husband and realized that her party was just a day. Yes it was her first birthday ever and that meant a lot to me, but no one was going to judge me one way or the other on the decor, she wasn’t going to remember it if something went wrong, and it was actually going to be OK if I didn’t get perfect pictures… (what?!). It all came together just fine in the end. I didn’t have time to do all the things I wanted to (I did work a wedding the day before her party) but I let it go. We had tons of people come to celebrate her and we felt very loved. She even stayed in a good mood!

Now, excuse the long post and get ready for picture overload. We had two different sessions– one mason jar session and one smash cake session when daddy could come watch! Then the day after her birthday was her party 🙂


Mustard Romper found here on Amazon; headband found here on Lyla Boo Boutique  


Pleated floral dress and sun hat from Baby Gap (this dress was one of the VERY first purchases I made when pregnant before I even knew it was a girl!)

Her actual birthday! One year top from Target; feather dress from Britches and Lace Consignment Sale


Tee pee made by my husband; banner, flower crown, number one, felt crown and cake made by myself; floral romper from Britches and Lace Sale

(And yes, I’m keeping a lot of these props for later sessions!)

When researching one year boho sessions, I fell in love with naked cakes! Stay tuned for a later post on how to make these easy things! Number one cake topper from Etsy found here

Her birthday party the Sunday after her birthday!

Cookies by Sweetly Scrumptious

Her favorite person in the world!


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