My Sister’s Engaged! A Romantic Engagement Session

My little sister’s engaged! It’s so fun to say those words out loud! So let me tell you about Manda.

If I had to describe her in ONE word, it would be HAPPY. She is pretty much always smiling, has the most beautiful long hair ever (that apparently didn’t get passed down to me- no bitterness here ;), has RADIANT blue eyes, always has a bounce in her step, loves Jesus and now is about to marry the perfect man for her, Joel!

Joel and Manda met at their church in Lawrence, where they were both attending school at the time. Their first date was at a Christian music festival for New Years Eve, and there was an instant bond she said. Just six months later, the two were engaged after an extravagant scavenger hunt that Joel planned (which I got to help with!)

Joel understands me in every way– spiritually, emotionally and more,” Manda says. “He pursues me daily, loves me daily, and is an incredible Godly man. I’m very lucky to become a Gouvion.

Now, the two are set to be married at the Hudson in February, and live in Andover afterward together with her golden retriever Lincoln. I can’t wait to help shoot their wedding!


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