Alia | Senior 2018

I initially met Alia a couple months ago when we did our senior rep session. She was a joy to work with! She is cute, spunky and we had a lot in common! We actually met for coffee later on to chat about photography!

So a couple weeks ago when she contacted me to do another session with her BMX bike, I was ecstatic! Interestingly enough, we had two small factors that day that made things a bit difficult. One, she was on CRUTCHES (she has a torn ligament- I think), and two, it started POURING rain during the session! Man was she determined though. What a trooper! She hopped around and did all my poses, and even sat on her bike for me. I kept asking if she was alright and she would say “Yeah I’m fine!”

The rain didn’t start until about halfway through our session, but it started at a sprinkle so we kept on shooting. Good thing cameras are waterproof, right? Then it started pouring. But we talked through some ideas and were able to work in a parking garage for the bike shots so it worked out! Talk about a day to remember!

We had so much fun and I have so many favorites– of course! This girl is just beautiful. Enjoy!

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