Lynn and Patrick Whorter | Sedgwick County Zoo Wedding

Man bun and tattoos. Those were the first two things I noticed about Lynn and Patrick. Not only was this couple pretty cool looking and SUPER easy-going, but they also had the sweetest demeanor about them. Lynn was always putting everyone else before herself. And so was Patrick. It was so sweet to watch.

Something that Lynn told me right off the bat when scheduling was that the mother-daughter aspect of our business meant a lot to her. Her mother passed just at the beginning of their wedding planning. But she was so strong throughout the whole wedding day. During the wedding, I heard Lynn say to her father, “She’s right here with me,” as she pointed to her bracelet with her mother’s fingerprint engraved on it.

She’s right here with me

The ceremony was held at the Segdwick County Zoo in the Cargill Center, where 120 guests sat facing the couple under a beautiful arbor with a live orchestra playing. Throughout the ceremony, you could see the true passion between the couple as they stood face to face. Lynn said her family was small and his was large, so she gained a whole lot of family that day.

Following the ceremony, their reception was held at the elephant exhibit. Everything was so beautiful and the night air was perfect. At one point, we could hear the elephants hollering at each other outside the tent and it was pretty magical.

It was such an honor to be there capturing these sweet moments for Lynn and Patrick. Thank you both for choosing us, and enjoy your new lives together!



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