Sandra and Adam | Wichita Fall Engagement

And the cutest couple award goes to…

Sandra and Adam! Where do I even start? Sandra and Adam’s session was held at Riverside Park in Wichita, where we had an abundance of fall leaves and foliage, and the best weather we could ask for. From the get go, Sandra told me (like all couples say) that they had no clue what to do. She was super giggly and probably the sweetest person I’ve ever met.

A little inside info on them: Sandra and Adam are doing somewhat long distance right now, as she is working in Wichita and he is living in Kansas City. Since they don’t get to see each other that often, Sandra told me that they had yet to see one good Kansas sunset together. Well guess what?! They got it THAT NIGHT!

I was so excited to not only be able to capture the sunset in some photos at the end, but that they were finally able to witness an amazing colorful sky together! I said to Sandra, “You got your perfect sunset!” And she replied, “I know! It’s perfect.” Those of us that have lived here our whole lives don’t seem to realize that other state’s sunsets just aren’t like they are here. God truly is an artist, isn’t he.

Needless to say, their photos turned out absolutely perfect. Because they are perfect. And I am just obsessed! Enjoy my favorites!


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