A Romantic Proposal! My Brother-in-law is Engaged!

If you don’t know them already, this is Christian and Caroline! Christian is my husband’s younger brother, so my brother-in-law. And Caroline is the sweetest girl ever who we have been itching to have join the family already!

The day of the proposal:

  • Caroline’s room mates: waxing, doing Caroline’s make-up casually, and doing everything they could to not be giddy in front of her
  • Kimberly and Lauren (mom and sister): texting all day about the proposal and decorations for the surprise party that night. Kimberly called me four times with updates
  • Caroline’s mom and sister: making cupcakes, setting up the party, anxiously waiting to hear from them
  • Christian: keeping it together, gives me his last thoughts on what he’d like the set up to look like, and gives me the ring
  • Me: With the decor and ring, I head up to Chisholm Creek park at 4:30 to set the proposal up, and wait…
  • Caroline: CLUELESS

Christian said he and Caroline started hanging out at his apartment first. After watching an episode of The Office– side note, it was the episode where Jim proposes to Pam… what?!! Ironic! He then suggested to her that they go on a walk somewhere. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. So he drove them to the park, and they began walking. Caroline suggested walking a different way, and he said, no how about this way…

Soon I saw them approaching. She was SHOCKED! She kept asking, “Wait, are you serious? Are you serious right now?” with a huge smile on her face. He said some words, which I could not hear, and then down on one knee he went! What I also love was the box he had the ring in! He MADE it himself. Needless to say, Caroline said YES (about five times)!

After doing a few couple shots at the park, they headed to dinner and then back to see what she thought was just a few family members, and was met with all their closest friends and family! We then all got to hear their versions of the story and celebrate with them. It was a wonderful, sweet day.

Congratulations again Caroline and Christian! I can’t wait for you to join this crazy family!



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  1. So beyond sweet! I’m so happy and excited for both of them……and, I might Finally get to do flowers for a wedding with you!!! πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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