Lyla at 18 months: Update & Video!

Isn’t it funny how since we obviously think our child is the most adorable thing ever that when they do something in public for the first time, you catch yourself looking around to see if anyone just saw that– only to often realize no one cares or saw but you. Fine guys but it really WAS adorable!

I can’t believe Lyla is 18 months 🙁 She is changing so fast! The best part is when Matthew shouts “Awwww!!” right along with us at one of her achievements. He loves her so much. As of lately, her new habits/skills include: she blows her own nose- and will even use dirty tissues if you aren’t watching; she runs in the opposite direction from us when we tell her to come, she grunts and holds out both hands as a signal for us to pray with her; she shoves any dog that is bugging her OUT of her way; she climbed down to the basement for the first time when I “lost” her for the first time the other day; she loves on her baby dolls and feeds them in her kitchen; she uses a fork instead of her fingers to eat foods now; she loves to chat up her imaginary friends on the phone; she plays fetch with her aunt’s dog; she finally learned how to sign please; and she has pretend *wiped* herself several times with toilet paper that she got from the bathroom (uhhh it’s too early to potty train girl!)

Whew! Just typing all that exhausted me. I truly forgot what motherhood of toddlers feels like. She is a lot more brave than Matthew was. I love her with all my heart, but I’ll be honest some days I am not a fan of toddlers! Yesterday I went to my studio to try and get some cleaning/work done, and I spent 1/4 of the time chasing her down telling her to stop this or stop that, as she was literally undoing work I just did (I know, next time I’ll get a sitter!) But then that smile! Oh she can can melt you in a heart beat. She will be in her own little world– busy busy and so serious– and then you call her name and she will look up and get the BIGGEST little-toothed grin ever. It’s perfection.

Names you might often hear us call her include but are not limited to Lyla Boo, Lyla Bear, Pooh Bear, Poopy Doopy (I don’t know why) and various cereal box names or whatever comes to my mind that day. She still isn’t talking, the little stubborn goose, but that’s OK. We hear once she starts, she won’t stop. So for now, we are good with the sign language for more, please and the adorable violent head nods.

Since Lyla was turning 18 months, which I deemed to be a big milestone, I wanted to document a day in the life with her. Confession, I have had my Mark III for two years now and was too intimidated thus far to mess with video mode, but decided to make myself learn it just for her! So here is a sneak peak of our little Lyla Bear at 18 months. Enjoy!

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