Easter Mini’s 2018!

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter! As usual we had our annual Easter mini’s (with chicks again!) These are always so SO cute to watch!

Set up was in the studio, where I went for a natural garden-y feel this year. Every kid was so happy to be there, and I couldn’t believe the minimal amount of photoshopping I had to do this time! Usually I have to clone a head here, clone a head there to get everyone smiling at the same time lol. But these sessions… I don’t know if it was the live chicks or if there was some super “rewards” (as I call them) happening, but every kid smiled on cue at the same time!! It was like a miracle!

And I have to give the chicks their spotlight too. These were the best cooperating chicks I’ve ever had. They loved the kids and didn’t hardly even run off set. Good job guys! And just in case you’re wondering, I had a plan from the beginning on what I’d do with them afterward. Each year, I tell the guys working at At Woods that I plan to use the chicks for one day of mini sessions, and ask if there is someone there who would like to take them for me afterward. And so far, they’ve never said no! It’s a win win, and Matthew and Lyla enjoyed having the chicks at home for a few days too!

Easter is only 4 days away now! Do you have any plans? If not, I would love to see you at our home church, Hope Community Church! They will have a Saturday night service at 5 pm and two Sunday services at 9 am and 10:45 am!

PS. I really wish I could put up some of the pictures of kids with the live chicks but I’m staying on the safe side because no one likes getting attacked by PETA– can I hear an amen? Please note after the first two photographs, all photos of chicks with children consist of FAKE chicks.


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