Alia | Hobby Lobby Challenge!

Alia, one of my 2018 Senior Reps, contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked if I had ever heard of the Hobby Lobby Challenge. I hadn’t so I quickly google it and found out it’s a “thing” going on where people do photos in Hobby Lobby and basically try to make it look like you’re not in Hobby Lobby lol. It sounded like fun so I said let’s do it!

I go to Hobby Lobby very frequently so I knew all the ladies in there wouldn’t mind. But what I didn’t know was how many opportunities would be for creative photos there! When I researched the challenge, the main idea that everyone does is to shoot in the floral section. So we started with that, which I loved, and after that we found ourselves in every part of the store doing all sorts of creative shots! The hardest part was trying to avoid tags and Photoshop them out later 😛

The whole shoot was SO much fun though. The whole time Alia and I were on the same wave lengths, going from aisle to aisle, thinking of things at the same time. I would love to do store sessions more, or maybe even do it with my own daughter. It’s fun to break out from the norm and try something different sometimes!

I think by now we were having way too much fun


A behind the scenes shot of us working! Photo credit: random stranger in Hobby Lobby 😉

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