Senior Rep 2018 Greenhouse Session!

I recently found a beautiful Greenhouse in Wichita, and wanted to try it out! So I contacted my 2018 Senior Reps to see who could make it out for a fun quick shoot. Alia, Mikayla and our newest member Riley came and we had a blast.

Treetop Nursery was where we went, and let me just say, this is the perfect location for a greenhouse if you need one. They have a very nice facility, about ten different greenhouses, and the staff is very nice. They didn’t mind at all that we took pictures (I got permission first of course) and we made sure to put everything back exactly the way it was before if we moved anything.

Another thing we quickly realized was that one of their greenhouses in particular is SUPER HUMID. On a cool day, this is nice for warmth but we had an actual hot day so we might have been dying a little lol. Totally worth it. I kept having to wipe my lens off, but I kept a few of the foggy photos because I actually liked how they came out!

If you have an upcoming senior, family or other session and you like this look, let me know! Greenhouses provide an abundant amount of greenery, paths, foreground opportunities and amazing lines for backdrops.

Enjoy some of my favorites (there are a lot!)


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