Mommy and Me Greenhouse Mini’s

Mothers are some of the most hardworking people I know, and often don’t get credited enough for their patience and selflessness. I absolutely love doing Mommy and Me mini’s each year.

I recently came across the most beautiful greenhouse in Wichita. Treetop Nursery is not only a wonderful place to shop with an abundant selection of florals and trees, but has over 12 greenhouses with the most luscious backgrounds you can imagine! After getting permission from the manager, I decided to schedule the Mommy and Me Mini’s this year there.

I had a full day of sessions and it seriously felt like one hour went by, it was so enjoyable. The kids loved seeing all the pretty flowers, the mothers all looked beautiful, and we had endless photo opportunities. The people working there were very welcoming as well.

One of these lovely ladies below came up all the way from Texas just for this session! I was so honored. Thank you Mireya! (Her little boy is just the cutest).

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful Mother’s Day today, whether you are celebrating one or you are a mother yourself! Keep up the great work and remember to schedule in some time to yourself every once in a while and not just this one day a year!


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