Erica & Justin Johnson | Madison Avenue Central Park Wedding

You can say Erica and Justin were a long time coming! The couple first went on a date in June of 2013, were engaged on Christmas eve of 2016, and finally tied the knot two weeks ago at the Madison Avenue Central Park in Derby, KS! Everything about their wedding was lovely from the venue to her dress to the couple.

Erica, Justin and their three children were a joy to work with. She has the most beautiful kids ever, and I’m pretty sure their son is a soon-to-be-model or mini Bruno Mars. There were about six people (including myself) videoing him and his smooth moves during the reception!

Another fun event that stuck out was the live Mariachi band that came! They first serenaded the couple, and then went from table to table entertaining. How fun is that?!

I was honored when I heard that Erica took a long time deciding who to go with for a photographer, and then chose us. Thank you for letting us capture your most precious day, Erica and Justin, and enjoy some of my favorites!


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