Megan and Malik Engaged!

Say hello to the cutest couple ever, Megan and Malik!

Megan said that the proposal happened while she and Malik were on a trip with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona. They hiked Camelback Mountain one morning, where they eventually came to the top of the mountain, which was popular for picture-taking. When it was their turn, Megan said that Malik kept trying to talk to her and she kept telling him to take a picture! Finally she listened to him and he was able to pop the ultimate question!

It was so special, as I wasn’t expecting it at the top of a mountain and the location was perfect for us, because we love to travel together! –Megan said.

I had so much fun at Megan and Malik’s session. So many (genuine) laughs and he was such a trooper with the whole session! I told her she got a winner! It was so so hard to even pick favorites for this post, and will be even harder to pick for Instagram sheesh!

Since the couple currently lives in Kansas City, we actually did their official wedding meeting right after the engagement session, so I am excited to say I will work with this adorable couple again in June of 2019!


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