Courtney and Kameron | One Year Anniversary Session!

Meet my old co-worker from the Wichita Gymnastics Club (back in the DaY!) Courtney and her sweet hubby Kameron! I was SO stoked when Courtney reached out to me wanting an anniversary session with her husband. It had been years since we connected!

Courtney and Kameron first met and started dating in 2014. She was a cheerleader for the arena football team he played for in Topeka, KS. After meeting at an event, the two started to get to know each other, and he asked her out. At first she had other plans she said, so she didn’t go out with him (LOL!). But after some time, she accepted the date and they were official May 25, 2014.

On November 26, 2016, Courtney and Kameron went on a double date with friends to Bradley Fair for dinner and a carriage ride. Their friends helped set up the proposal, with one person there to capture the moment on camera, and he popped the question by the water fountain! Then the two were married August 5, 2017!

Happy ONE year to this adorable couple!

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