Mattie and Alex Engaged!

This sweet couple is engaged!

Mattie and Alex first met on Halloween three years ago. At the time, Mattie was living in Wichita with a roommate, and Alex lived in Beloit, KS and worked with the roommate’s brother. Her roommate’s brother mentioned that he was coming to Wichita for the holiday, so Alex asked if he could catch a ride with him. When the guys arrived, Mattie answered the door, not feeling well, in her pajamas with unwashed make up, and Alex said he knew right then that he was going to marry her.
If that isn’t love at first sight, I don’t know what is! –Mattie
After that night the two didn’t speak for about a month. The week of Thanksgiving, Alex came back to Wichita and they saw each other for four days straight. Since then they’ve done just about everything backwards, Mattie said. In Feb of 2016, they found out they were pregnant. In April, Alex moved back to Derby and they began looking for houses. They bought a house in Aug, and their son Aiden came along a month later. Just a few days shy of the exact date they first met, Alex bought a ring. Alex said he was so nervous that he couldn’t hold it in any longer and proposed right in their kitchen while holding their son.
They decided to put off the wedding until 2019 because Mattie was accepted to the class of 2018 PTA program at HCC, an accelerated year-long program. For the last year Alex has put her through school, and now they are excited to finally plan their wedding!
I can’t wait to work with this adorable couple again next April!


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