Ayden Turns 2 | Lifestyle Film Session

Two year old’s are just the cutest aren’t they? They have their own little ways of doing things, adorable blank stares and have the cutest little hands that try and grasp as much as they can in one fist. So, when Nicole first contacted me to capture a lifestyle film for her boy Ayden turning two, I was thrilled!

Ayden loves dump trucks so it was fitting that they chose a construction site in Andover to be our backdrop for the day! I loved how he would take the dirt, put it in one dump truck and then make it dump into another truck ha! What a clever little man.

There is just something so sweet and special about being able to capture every mannerism and facial expression in action. It’s a genuine, raw documentation of their every movement at that stage.

Upon seeing the video, Nicole contacted me to say,

You have no idea how much I needed that this week. God has tested my strength this week and this video reminds me that I need to cherish the moments with my two kiddos. Thank you for doing this. It’s definitely something we will watch forever over and over.



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