Lyla Turns Two | Birthday Film

My daughter Lyla turned TWO a couple weeks ago! I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. I might have cried on her actual birthday. I just hate knowing she’s growing up! Her favorite things at this stage include baby dolls, dancing, purses, FOOD (don’t mess with her food!), her daddy and brother, and putting one shoulder up when she cheeses (I promise I don’t do that)!

I decided to go with a Carousel theme because Lyla loves horses and imitating the noise they make, plus I thought the whimsical feel of it all fit her girly personality well.

Since I wanted an in-action documentation of this celebration, I captured a short film of her two year party at our home, and was grateful for my brother in law’s help since I was in some of this footage! Enjoy!

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