CW Squad at the Carnival + Carnival Prep Tips!

I have been dying to take a senior to the local Greater Andover Days Carnival for a couple years now and this year my CW Squad helped that come true! There is something so magical about the twinkling lights, all the people, the cotton candy… just being there brightens my spirit!

All 8 of my girls made it out for this session. I was happy we were able to get some shots in the daytime as well as night time because the lights look so much cooler in the dark!

Must have’s if you are going to a carnival: 

  1. A friend! Of course this will make it much more fun but also, safety first!
  2. Plan out how many tickets you’ll need! Carnivals can be expensive, and as far as Greater Andover Days, the wrist band totally saves you money if you want to do a lot of rides (We always do this for my son)!
  3. A back pack! It can get heavy carrying around a large purse so a back pack is perfect for this type of occasion.
  4. A jacket or sweater! At least in the fall, it gets really cool at night.
  5. A water bottle! I don’t know why but when I was there I got really dehydrated (that happens to me often haha) so having your own water will keep you hydrated as well as save you money. Keep it in the back pack!
  6. Good walking shoes! Sandals will leave you cold, so go with either tennis shoes or boots! (I opted for rain boots since our carnival was in a field, which helped particularly when I walked right through some mud)!

So there you have it! Enjoy some of my favorites from the session!


Here is a short clip of the experience as well!

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